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I heart this town…

I’ve had the opportunity to be a bit of a tourist in my own town recently. I normally have a really hard time with tourists…they block sidewalks, gape at perfectly normal things (like the man painted silver on Michigan Avenue), and cut me off in traffic in completely unexpected ways. Resident Chicagoans are crazy drivers sometimes, but highly predictable.

ANYWAYS…I am really trying to take advantage of living here for as long as I can.

The train to HELL. As I like to call it…

oooh shiny…

Chess= AWESOME (by Millenium Park)

Relief by the river on Michigan Avenue

Lighthouse on Lake Michigan (taken by me on J’s camera)

The Cloud Gate, of course.


6 thoughts on “I heart this town…

  1. I enjoyed these pictures a lot.

    I never notice tourists here in Da Lou, but I did notice them in Seattle all the time. They can be evil. Not really evil, but they can take something that someone from the city can only call normal and turn it into mayhem. Like before Chris Cornell and friends wrote the song about the Spoon Man, you could bet he was makeing some doe in Pioneer Square any day of the week. Then, he got so well known that he stoped coming out. I wonder what happened to him. Hope he is happy and still playing his spoons.

    Anyway, love the pics. I would get out and shoot some around town, BUT I CAN’T STOP TAKING PICS OF MY BABY!!!


  2. Love love love that last picture, it’s got the right everything. Great detail, great light–very nice bean shot, there!

  3. Patrick: you freak him out, too. 😀

    Gen: the spoon man! aww I love that song. And um, keep taking pics of Wes. He is ADORABLE!!!

    Lacey: Thank you! It was just a random shot, wasn’t planning on taking pics but as I was walking by I looked over and the light was perfect! yay.

  4. Great bean pic for sure, but I also wanted to bring up the coolness of the lighthouse picture. The waves at the front of it are somehow really beautiful and powerful all at the same time. Maybe it’s the color of the water constrasting with the color of the sky… dunno for sure, I just know that I like it lots. :o)

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