Stepping through the haunting past

let the past haunt in its way
pale eyes shining
we’ll run and I’ll taste the reasons we died
little pieces of plastic and glass
I let them wedge into my heart
pry out the molecules left
dispensing in the soup kitchen lines of fervor
these streets are mine!
these shadowed trees and dreams
tiptoe across bare asphalt, melting in the heat
so we fade with time
promises of secrets kept, whispered through tears
so maybe my trust was misplaced.


I guess there is a lot that is new, a lot of things changing in my life, but this blog has never really been a place for that. The lists I make to help “organize” my life always get longer, but now I’m excited about these lists. I’m working toward something, toward my goals in life, and I feel like I’m finally making the drastic changes I knew I needed (and some completely unexpected ones).

So summer ends and I smell leaves and everyone is shifting. I’m waiting, but the wait is not long anymore.

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  1. Sholeh, that may be the most heartwrenching poem I have ever read. I can hear the song that your heart sings, and I take the bitter with the sweet. I’m glad you’re excited about the lists, and the goals, and the changes. I am too.


  2. Never have been a good one for making written lists (I keep them in my head somewhere) especially when it comes to “organizing” my life. As much as I try to get it organized it seems things just keep blindsiding me… but hey, I guess thats part of what makes life exciting and interesting isn’t it?

    As corny as it sounds… with all of the changes, there is so much unknown… but so much possibility that lies before you Sholeh. Enjoy the ride. 🙂