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So quiet here.

The sky and the slate roofs of the warehouses are almost the same shade of grey, blending into each other today. A good weekend of family, friends, the Baha’i House of Worship (always home to me, no matter what and how much time passes).

Phone call from friend currently traveling across the United States by car: “Sholeh, can my friend stay with you? She is stranded in Chicago for a night and needs somewhere to sleep. We were hanging out in Ohio, but she is from Portland.” Ok! It is always fun to have random people around.

I am no longer surprised that the vastness of our world is continually reduced. Everyone is connected somehow, you just have to unravel the threads.

Do any fellow Chicagoans remember the Great Flood of 1992? I remember watching footage of people in scuba gear and hard hats looking very grim. I went on a boat tour of the river & lake in the Loop on Saturday…the history of places is interesting and necessary to understand. I look forward to travels to places where the layers of cities and villages seem endless, buried under dirt and time.


3 thoughts on “So quiet here.

  1. Sholeh,

    I have noticed a very contemplative almost heart breaking tone in some of your lastest posts, and I just wanted to say it’s really beautiful. You obviously have a great connection to your home and friends here, and will miss them deeply. But we will miss you too!

  2. Andrew: Jinous was there, remember? Of COURSE there are pictures. hahaha. Oh man we really missed you that day! Most of the time we were just really cold, so learning wasn’t really happening.

    Patrick: aww thank you! 🙂

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