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It is amazing how much sunlight (or the lack thereof) can affect my mood. It has been gray, gray in Chicago (big surprise), and yesterday’s sudden sunlight made me goofy.

Ok, well, I can be goofy with no assistance, but…you know what I mean. In the late afternoon yesterday some friends and I were walking by the Lake and discovered a shiny new playground. I love playgrounds, and they’ve gotten a lot fancier since I was a kid. For a few minutes, I was just swinging in the air…no thought or reaction required. We should do these things more often.

The other night I was by Navy Pier at midnight…a large group of acquaintances and friends walking ahead of me. I looked up at the skyline of the city, foggy and misty with the remnants of rain, harsh lights softened by the moisture in the air. My recent restlessness was stilled for a moment by the knowledge of my city

certain streets
horrible diners
street performers
tucked-away parks
little italy, greektown
rush-hour avoidance
lake shore drive (how many times have I driven on that road in the last 5 years?)

The accumulated details about the place I live. No other city’s downtown has buildings that are tall enough for me. Everything I compare to Chicago.


9 thoughts on “Sunlight

  1. just as the sun shines down from the sky and fills our world with light, so too does the Day-star of God’s Revelation shine down from His supernal heaven and fill our world with joy and delight.

    nothin’ else to say except… I agree.
    and I like the new layout.

  2. Thanks Dan!

    Steph: I’m with you on that one. The new playgrounds are uber-safe, of course, to cut down on lawsuits. All of the staples of our childhood playgrounds are gone…merry-go-rounds, seesaws, etc. So sad. I kind of like not getting splinters while playing on them, though…

  3. Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s so sad, though. I was never hurt on any of the equipment, nor anyone else I know, but I’m sure there were many kids doing stupid things and getting hurt (like the kids that used to break their leg jumping out of swings). I just wish my daughter could experience a real merry-go-round and seesaw.

  4. i miss the merry go round and the tire swing! i like the bouncy surface of the safegrounds…..

  5. You know, when I first moved to Chicago, I thought it was going to be *really* temporary — mostly because I didn’t know anything about this city and thought there’d be nothing to keep me here. I planned to stay here for no longer than a year.

    Now, five and-a-half years later, I, too, compare every city in the world to Chicago.

  6. Steph: Thanks! Still trying to fix a few bugs in the coding…

    Leslie: bounce! that was funnnn!

    Mojan: wow. It amazing how time flies, eh?

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