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I’m a question mark
Walking talking question mark
But what is the question again…
Life may sometimes be sad
But it’s always beautiful…

– “Whats the Use”, Jamie Lidell

I watched a shadow of the Milky Way
twist beyond the flames of a bonfire
let my feet drag in cold green water
and the sun soak into skin
I heard words, took them in
rewrote the song of my soul
just a little bit.

I fell in love again
all things go, all things go
I drove to Chicago
all things know, all things know…

– “Chicago”, Sufjan Stevens

My birthday is in 5 days, and I feel like maybe I am just starting to appreciate the age that I am.

Don’t underestimate the power of a bike ride at the end of August around the city of Chicago. Or a weekend trip to the middle of nowhere.


2 thoughts on “Uplifted

  1. I listened to the soundtrack of your weekend, read your words and felt like I was there. I underestimate neither. Your poem is better than both those excerpts…thanks for sharing, Sholeh.

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