I love this town, but sometimes…

I took the red line today. This means I was on a train for 1 hour, most of which was underground.

The train used to be my favorite form of public transportation. The hypnotic motion as it hurtled toward its destination, watching all different kinds of people get on and off…there is nothing like the Chicago El system.

But now I come home to read the news (since television is so atrocious), and all I see is this:

London attacks

Toll climbs in Egyptian attacks

A young woman murdered in a bus bomb attack in Turkey is to be remembered at the wedding of her best friend.

and more and more and more. For some reason, being on the bus does not worry me as much…there is something about being underground, though…I see a higher police presence at the public library, on the trains, and on the streets.

I really, really like my bike. Especially right now. But even with all of the world news, and the tension created by the attacks all over…there was standing room only on the red line today.

The H.W. Library

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  1. One can change one’s plans to avoid flying: take a train, bus, rent a car, etc. Going to work is a necessity. So unless you live close or have a car, that makes public transportation a necessity. It might be a little hard for some people to not take the El?

  2. Well, of course, but I don’t intend on changing my routine in order to avoid public transportation. My point in writing this entry is more a commentary that even with the unsteady world situation, people go about their daily lives. And while we may worry about certain things, we can only go so far before we get paranoid. 🙂

  3. i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. i’m moving to NYC in a month and i’m going to be taking the subway everywhere. and the subway there is especially scary, i think, since new york seems to be a favorite target for terrorist attacks.

    with what’s happened to london recently, i am kind of worried, actually… and i hate to say that, since i really don’t like the idea of living my life in fear or changing my plans out of fear. then again, prudence and wisdom are always in order. so i dunno… we’ll see… but i feel you, sholeh. 🙂

  4. ahh yeah…carry a prayerbook & a flashlight with you on the trains. 😉 heh…