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July 3rd

The questions are leaping ahead of answers, right now.
I keep writing to stay in the game,
or maybe just to stay sane.

I have two days of the year that are my favorites. The first is Naw-Ruz (the Baha’i New Year), and the second is the picnic at the Hazirih for staff of the Baha’i National Center and volunteers of the House of Worship. I think this year I might belong in both categories. hah. Anyways, I go every year and it is almost like a giant “family” reunion. It is all capped off by fireworks, watched from a beach on Lake Michigan. *sigh* whee!

Anyways, last year was a disappointment, but the weather today is gorgeous, and I’m very excited.


2 thoughts on “July 3rd

  1. I think I saw you briefly last night but I didn’t even get a chance to say hi! Yes, it was a great picnic. The fireworks were fantastic!

  2. The Hazira Picnic falls into my imaginary “Favorite Events of the Year” category, too! Another big one is National Convention.

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