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Finished in the last 48 hours:
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress : A Novel, by Dai Sejie

Funny in Farsi : A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America, by Firoozeh Dumas

Currently Reading:
Memories of Nine Years in Akka, by Youness Afroukhteh
I highly recommend this book. Here is an excerpt that I enjoyed…

“White tea, fragrant and delicious, was made ready and within minutes other friends began to gather until the renowned Zaynu’l-Muquarrabin and Mishkin Qalam arrived.
Each introduced himself and Mishkin Qalam, as part of his introduction, gave me a few strands of his own hair, both white ones and yellowed ones. He said: ‘It’s my thin beard and crooked body that are my passport to fame!’ To which I responded in jest: ‘I too have helped, for I have always said that Mishkin Qalam does not need to tell jokes to get laughs – his face and body serve the purpose all by themselves!’ Everyone broke out in hearty laughter and this opened the door to more light-hearted comments and merry-making.” -P. 19


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  1. yo-my dad actually wrote that book (…9years in akka.), but they couldn’t find him in time for the publishing to put his name on it. anyway…

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