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I home at my parent’s house. I missed Feast in Chicago today for the first time in…a very very long time. I’m sad, because I also know that I’m going to miss the next Feast because I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out. Such is life!

I just raked half the leaves, came in to take a break. I’ll be going back out after I drink my (Persian) tea and eat some chocolate (real chocolate, the kind that comes in a pretty box and tastes good). I do not care for Hershey’s or Snickers.

I got to spend time with my mom last night, and of course we had a lot of fun. I need to do this more often. (hi mom!)

Chicago folks, I suggest a visit to one of the many museums in this fine city on a Tuesday, perhaps this coming one? It shall be free. Discuss. Email me. Or call.


9 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. when I got my wisdom teeth out, well that was something.
    It’s funny that you think you can stay awake when they give you the gas, and then you’re out.

  2. hey, i’m down for going to a chicago museum this week…lemme know. any one works for me. πŸ™‚

    The Iranian Baha’i Community has addressed a letter to President Khatamy
    You may read it (in english) in my blog.

  4. Oh man. You gotta go to the Chicago Art Institute sometime, Showlay. They have some of my all-time favorite pieces there, including two lucsious Kandinskys that I adore. Go, my friend. Go and enjoy what your city has to offer.

    *bows humbly*

  5. Andrew-I adore the Art Institute. I’ve been there many many times…you forget that I’m the granddaughter of artists! πŸ˜‰

    To the rest of you: it is starting to look like this week may not work after all for museum visits. *sigh*

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