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I live here

I live where new townhomes are side by side with 100 year old rowhouses.

I saw two firetrucks drive up quickly to the hot dog stand on the corner while I waited for the bus this morning. Turns out they were just getting breakfast.

There are always 1 or 2 police cars parked outside the pizza place down the street. They like to eat there.

The street near my house seemed perfectly fine, but the city decided to tear it up for no apparent reason. There are tar footprints on the sidewalk.

My bicycle had vines growing on it when I rode it to work today. Literally wrapped around the spokes.

I was in heaven when I went to Vogue Fabrics tonight, especially when I discovered the 50% off sale. Good thing they closed within 5 minutes of my arrival. I would have spent money, and that would have been bad.

I rock at cornbread-making, even when I have to substitute some ingredients (ie rice flour for regular flour). mmm.

I filled out 2 forms and went to 2 different offices to organize a Bake Sale in the Union for the Baha’i Association. I was a bit baffled.

I sprained one ankle over a month ago, but now both ankles are hurting. Again, I am baffled.

We haven’t turned on the heat yet.


5 thoughts on “I live here

  1. Oh my lordie-lord. You live down the street from a hot-dog stand?! Is it one of those hot dog stands that’s plastered with the red, blue and yellow “Vienna Sausage” signs?! I totally miss those little grease pits. *sigh* Showlay, I’ve heard from everybody that your household is simply unbelievable. You’ve succeeded in making me believe that it’s even more unbelievable than I previously imagined. Thank you. Now I HAVE to come and visit.

  2. No, its an original stand, it has cool grafitti and gruff Italian men as the cooks.

    I’m telling ya, dude. And when you come, you gotta stay on the Near West side…just cuz we rock so much. 😀

  3. Heather: hehe sure. it was on the back of the bag…I’ll try to type it up in the next few days. 🙂

    Mojan: I don’t know! It was amazing.

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