A Calm Storm

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Power Outage

Classes are canceled!

*does a happy dance*

Some kind of flood that messed with the electricity. I have the whole day to catch up on classes, nap, clean the house, and just relax. YAY!

Yesterday was overwhelming, today is bright, sunny, and happy.
There are general life-moods, and there are everyday emotions that vary according to circumstance. That is my definition, anyways.
Current life-mood: joyful
Current day-mood: peaceful

The Valley of Contentment

In this Valley he feeleth the winds of divine contentment blowing from the plane of the spirit. He burneth away the veils of want, and with inward and outward eye, perceiveth within and without all things the day of: “God will compensate each one out of His abundance.” From sorrow he turneth to bliss, from anguish to joy. His grief and mourning yield to delight and rapture.

…The tongue faileth in describing these three Valleys, and speech falleth short. The pen steppeth not into this region, the ink leaveth only a blot. In these planes, the nightingale of the heart hath other songs and secrets, which make the heart to stir and the soul to clamor, but this mystery of inner meaning may be whispered only from heart to heart, confided only from breast to breast.

-Bahá’u’lláh, The Seven Valleys and Four Valleys


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