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Made up

there is this image I can’t live up to
the one in their mind’s eye
and mine
there is this misunderstanding of regret
that clouds inner vision
and dampens the fire
Pride is one thing
I think I’ve got it right
I’m going backward
than I thought I would, somehow…


4 thoughts on “Made up

  1. Love your new visual posts; I see you’re having lots of fun with your cam! Read your poem in Fertile field about music — so true. In lieu of counting sheep, I almost inevitably tap my feet to a song in my head until I fall asleep every night. I’d be a sleepless zombie without it.

    Take care,


  2. …like the poem, I like the picture… imho the intent is hard to follow from the phrasing… perhaps that’s intentional (?)… the photo seems like it >could

  3. apologies, that was supposed to say “the photo seems like it *could* go with the poem…”

    …better stop using these > arrows- they always seem to mess up the post.

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