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Jelly beans

What happens when you wash jelly beans in a strainer?

Not a whole lot. They lose their smooth outer coating and look strange. Don’t ask why we washed them…they were dirty, apparently.

And the heat lamps on the L are finally on! *dances* Hey, I get excited about these things. They’re the best invention ever.


7 thoughts on “Jelly beans

  1. ah yess…apparantly dirty jelly beans is a common problem in the U.S.
    i’m..uh…glad you corrected this. : )

  2. those where good.

    except for the black pepper flavored ones. who the hell came up with those?

  3. you were insane enough to eat them, lol.

    the expression on your face when you ate the black pepper one was priceless…

  4. dude, i love those heat lamps.

    also, in zurich, the seats are heated too on the trolleys mmmmmm 🙂

  5. The heat lamps look comforting.. but they don’t seem to work when you really need them in the cold!

    – Prem

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