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Sustainability at Gatherings: Day 8 Baha’i Blogging Challenge

Have you ever noticed the pile of papers after Baha’i Feast, or a reflection gathering? We want to make sure we have enough copies of the Feast letter, or the Treasurer’s report, or whatever documents we need to share or read…and then we kill a bunch of trees and waste paper and very few people refer to those documents again.

We hosted Feast on Friday at our home, and though we have a printer, we decided to put the letters up on the TV for everyone to read. It wasn’t a perfect solution, though we tried to zoom in to help people see the letters…and we successfully managed to have no paper printed! We have done this once before and got good feedback on it.

I realize that we may not always have access to technology (or the know-how!) at our gatherings, and I also know that screens just don’t feel the same as a piece of paper in our hands, but we should consider the responsibility we have toward our planet when planning our gatherings!


2 thoughts on “Sustainability at Gatherings: Day 8 Baha’i Blogging Challenge

  1. Awesome idea. It really pays to invest in a little bit of technology that can make these things happen, like a Chromecast to connect a laptop to a TV, a portable Bluetooth speaker for playing videos, and so on. (The speaker I got for playing songs at our children’s class did wonders for us.)

  2. So true!!! We’ve done this many times in the past. We used to pass around an iPad with the letter or readings. More recently we have been using the TV to project the letter for all to see. We also do this at LSA meetings! I don’t think we’ve used paper in the past year I’ve been part of the LSA (and I’m not sure what was done before then)!

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