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Venturing out!

I “suited up” and braved the snow and cold (it is 23 F outside right now) to take photos. Obviously it isn’t a good idea to drive yet, so I stayed local. Everyone that I saw was smiling & friendly. Most businesses were closed, but the grocery store was open.

The roads near me have mostly been plowed:
Roads have been mostly plowed.

But there were places where the snow was nearly up to my waist.
Buried in the snow!

My car is trapped, we’ll see how much I’ll have to shovel in the morning.
My car is stuck.

See more photos on my Flickr page.


One thought on “Venturing out!

  1. “Braving” 23 F weather? I thought you were native to the Chicago area? (Sorry, couldn’t resist giving you a little wintertime ribbing from up north! ; ) ) Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying some nice hot cocoa.

    P.S.–thanks for your continued link but please note my current website URL–I changed it back to the original. (I promise I won’t change it again).

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