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The magical launch of Nineteen Months

Some of you may remember a little photoblog project I was a part of called “Nylon Parla“.  Well, things have evolved a bit.

Introducing: Nineteen Months.

We are a group of photographers from all over the world who are members of the Baha’i Faith.  The 19 months of the Baha’i calendar each have a name, and the photographs for each month are based on those names.  The first month of the Baha’i year is “Splendour”.

After participating in the nineteen days project for the second year in a row, I am extremely excited about the start of Nineteen Months, as they are sort of sister blogs.  It is an amazing way to practice photography, feel connected with people from all over, and share with everyone our love of the Baha’i Faith and photography in one go!

Please spread the word (blog, twitter, FB, smoke signal, etc).  We are Baha’is, but the photos are meant for everyone to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “The magical launch of Nineteen Months

  1. Nineteen Months WOO HOOOOOOOO!

    But seriously, Sholeh is right, Nineteen Months is for EVERYONE to enjoy 🙂 Be and feel inspired.

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