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Nineteen Days!!

My photos are up over at nineteen days, the photoblog about the Baha’i Fast.  Check it out, leave a comment (here or there), and definitely check out the photos from the 6 days of the Fast so far.  I’m stunned at how amazing the other contributors are.

I went to the Baha’i House of Worship at around 6 am this morning to take photos for the “sunrise” photo.  Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and I was scrambling to find a decent shot.  I finally got some, but I was worried that none of them would work out!

The “sunset” photo was a bit easier, since the barista was a rather pleasant gentleman who suggested that I come behind the counter to avoid shooting through the glass.  Thanks, if you get a chance to read this!

As I did errands tonight, the towns around me slowly filled with fog.  It would have been perfect for some photography, but it was already too late and I had groceries in the car.  Another time, I hope.  I love fog, it makes everything a little scary and closed in.


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