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Discoveries of small importance

1.  Gluten-free sugar cookies dipped in chocolate pudding are heavenly.

2.  Aprons never fit me correctly.  I always have to adjust them, which makes me ignore them altogether.  But I really like the idea of an apron.

3.  Driving a car means fixing it when parts wear out.  Which means that my bank account complains to me of abuse.  It also means that I have to deal with mechanics, which is always a funny experience because I really don’t know anything about cars.

4.  An advantage to living in Chicago: there are always visitors coming through.  It helps alleviate the missing-of-friends that happens when you are part of a community that is always moving across the world.

5.  Really looking forward to the weekend.  Work picnic, family, home.  I desperately needed a 3 day break, and was kidding myself that I am not tired. I’m exhausted.

6.  I had a few friends over the other night to help me finish off a tray of lasagna that I made.  I highly recommend having a lasagna party, and close it out with ice cream or pudding if you can. 🙂

7.  I really missed seeing live music over the last few years.  It had been such a long time.  Going to Summerfest and seeing Stevie Wonder & John Legend in concert was absolutely fantastic, and I need to take advantage of these opportunities.

8.  I’m on my 6th wedding invitation of the year, and we’re only halfway through!  Whew…


7 thoughts on “Discoveries of small importance

  1. If you need help with car or mechanics let me know. Spending tons of time tinkering with cars, I can share some insight. Maybe, I’ll trade some suggestions for cheap price of slice of lasagna. 😉

    HMPH! I’m hungry, I gotta go eat some food(this captcha phrase is ‘tofu opp’). See how everything in the world is pointing me to food? Ciao.

  2. don’t worry. you are not invited to my wedding this year. oh wait….i’m not getting married this year…

  3. @Vijay haha I’ll let you know next time! 🙂

    @Ana aww I miss making lists with you. lol.

    @Leslie soon! soon!

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