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An open note

Dear teenagers,

Please note that tights should not be worn as leggings, and leggings should not be worn as pants.

Also, slobbering all over each other in public is considered to be in poor taste.

Finally, your mother called, and she would like her 80s clothes back.  Especially the acid washed jeans and shoulder pads.



(this is the result of way too much time spent at the mall in recent months)


7 thoughts on “An open note

  1. oh lovely! i had considered blogging about leggings as pants for my lawrence fashion edition part 2. but i didn’t really know what to say about it except for that it looks a little… umm… when paired with anything that is too short to pass for a dress. as for shoulder pads… would you believe i am wearing them right now? i know… i know. i never thought the day would come. but they’re in this great jacket that is a cross between soldier and flight attendant stylee. i couldn’t help myself.

  2. Cait: I will admit that there are a FEW circumstances in which one might wear shoulder pads. I have a feeling you might be able to pull it off.

    Yes! Leggings are meant to be worn with something that could pass as a dress. sigh.

  3. No no, Carmen, I don’t mean that people shouldn’t wear tights or leggings! I am referring to girls who wear a waist-length shirt with a pair of leggings, or see-through tights with a REALLY short dress. I don’t need to see that much of their anatomy. I wear leggings and tights all the time. 😀

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