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What is Ayyam-i-Ha in the Holy Land?

I didn’t do anything for Ayyam-i-Ha last year…I am pretty sure I spent the Intercalary Days cleaning my house and reading.

This year has been vastly different. On the first day, Tuesday, I spent the evening at my friend’s house for “Ladies Night”…which mostly consisted of watching a movie, eating, and talking about very random things. Last night (Wednesday) I went to another friend’s house for a Chili dinner/Musical Devotional. I ate 3 very large bowls of chili, and then we sang songs, said prayers, and played musical catch phrase. There was much laughter, which was desperately needed.

Tonight I plan on doing nothing. Well, “doing nothing” in my world means cooking food for the next few days, doing a little art project, and probably watching a movie. Tomorrow night (Friday) I am going to an Ayyam-i-Ha party, and then Saturday morning I am having brunch. Saturday afternoon I am going hiking in the Haifa forest.

This year is much better than last year. These days outside of time have been a welcome respite from a very busy work schedule, and of course an opportunity to prepare for the Fast, which starts on Sunday.

I got mystery chocolate in inter-office mail today…apparently a few other people did too! yum. As an extra-special treat, 3 of my favorite ladies just stopped by my office on their way out to say goodnight. 🙂


5 thoughts on “What is Ayyam-i-Ha in the Holy Land?

  1. Happy Ayyam-i-ha, Sholeh! Savor the little moments from it.

    (As a new Baha’i, I’m finally starting to learn the proper pronunciation of “Aye Yam-a-ha” and “In-ter-ca-larry.” Unless it’s a weird Wisconsin pronunciation, which is entirely possible.)

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