Things I love in Haifa (so far)

kamei speed 340 schwarz I’ve been here for over two weeks now, so I decided to make a list (in no real order). This stems partly out of a lunchtime conversation today.

mike tyson 2018 there 1. The warm weather. Need I say more? I read about my friends back home struggling through 30 degree F weather…and I left the office at lunch and did not even need a sweater.

instant luxe sac 2. Olive trees. I think they’re gorgeous. la bible bd la genese partie 1 3. More avocados and oranges than I could ever possibly eat.

revit format kitchen family 4. Inspiration to read Baha’i books. When you’re living in a place where so much Baha’i history occurred, you can’t help but read. So far I’ve read Door of Hope (David Ruhe) and am now working on God Passes By (Shoghi Effendi).

marché place du capitole toulouse 5. Cats. Ok so I’m not a huge fan of cats, and the cats here are feral and gross, BUT they are amusing. I don’t know why cats strike me as funny creatures, but they are.

verkabelte telefonleitungen 8 buchstaben click 6. The sunlight. I think that is one of the reasons I’m so happy, honestly.

situation amoureuse critique watch 7. Blackout shutters. These things kill light, and it makes me sleep through the night (which is pretty rare). YAY!

best wild animal photography there 8. Food. I’ve only eaten out 4 times, but each time it was delicious.

gratis jagtvidio bukkejagt 9. Everyone knows what gluten intolerance is!!! This is a huge deal for me, because explaining it to waiters (not to mention friends!) is tiring and frustrating.

betriebsinterne bewerbung muster 10. I live by the sea. I’ve been missing a real beach for years, and now I have one. yay!

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