Summer writing and change

Summer is not conducive to blog-writing, at least among some of my friends. It may be that we’re too busy enjoying the nice weather. It is easier to convince oneself that there is nothing to do when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground, so sitting in front of a computer is actually productive.

Somehow the week got away from me. Reconnection with high school friends and the comfort of the suburbs (I love not having to search for parking!), sewing (I made a skirt), spending time with friends, getting ice cream and cheese fries at the local shops, biking, and reading.

I look up to realize that we have reached the halfway point of August, and things are heating up. School starting, Greenlake conference, my birthday (whee!), and a dozen other projects, events, and plans. I’m excited.

I also realize that these things all signify changes. This is my last semester of school. The weather will become hostile to bike-riding and the beach. Back-porch chats will be moved to the living room. I start the job hunt in earnest. Friends are getting married, moving, or starting new phases in their lives, a whirlwind of activity that I watch with some bemusement.

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  1. The Deep South is the opposite. We hide inside to escape the constant, oppressive heat. Though I do agree with you, my northern friends are much more active back in the winter.