Does this look real?

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I am in awe of this place, and possibilities of structure.

There are so many questions I want answers to, and yet Sunday night I made the observation that sometimes there has to be the acceptance that some questions don’t have answers (in this lifetime, anyway). I want to follow the wisdom of my heart, not get caught up in the words and phrases and thoughtless machinations…

Ah, sometimes the peace comes in mere writing for me. The flow of pen to paper (or, more likely, keyboard to screen) is like a form of meditation or something.

It is easy to allow beauty to diminish through others’ words of disparagement and disappointment. It is ok if one person likes something and another doesn’t. It would be nice if people allowed others to enjoy that beauty without comment.

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  1. WOW. That photo is straight out of an architect’s dream.

    I have my suspicions that the next ‘life’ will altogether supercede the need for or even concept of questions.

  2. I’d never noticed that building before, and was walking to the bus during rush hour, and suddenly it was in front of me.

    Ah! Interesting concept! I dunno though…since we, as human beings, are not all-knowing, there must still be things that we will not know the answers to, and therefore will still have questions about.

    But perhaps the struggle and overwhelming desire to have questions answered will be lessened or non-existant?

  3. Another interesting thought to ponder about the next life: I was talking to a Baha’i friend who is a doctor of more natural means of healing and she said that she wonders if we will be able to clearly see in the next world spiritual diseases and their causes and cures in the same (or a similar) way that we can see the symptoms and causes of physical disease in this life.