A Calm Storm

The blog of Sholeh Samadani Munion

Differences combined.

It is 99 degrees F outside right now, and the neighbors opened up the fire hydrant on the corner…kids and adults are playing in the water. I wish I could get a picture of it…such typical hot summer day behavior.

I went outside for a few minutes, and since it is not humid outside, the heat felt great to me. I’m sure if I was out there for more than 10 minutes I would not feel that way, but for those few minutes…

I watched a Chinese father and his 4 year old son chasing each other through the water. A white woman held her neighbor’s black child on her lap, and the “Italian mafia” guys on our street had the grill outside and brought lemonade. The Russian woman brought her toddler out to splash in the water, and an older Indian couple walked up and down the street, the woman wrapped in her sari.

I could be at a memorial service right now, or at a beach with many of my friends, or exploring the city…but right now, I am really enjoying the peace and quiet. Seeing the crowd of lovely, amazing people all splashing around, regardless of the fact that they looked different on the outside, was just completely wonderful.


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