A Calm Storm

The blog of Sholeh Samadani Munion

Listen: A compilation of friends

I listened
as she told me the stories of her life
the struggle against demons that I could not imagine,
and the slow effort to rise up again.
I listened
as he unburdened his soul
explaining why he did what he did
his confusion in the midst of decision-making,
and the peace in his voice at the end.
I listened
as she talked about her love
laughing as she explained exactly what it was,
how it was that they arrived at this point.
I listened
as his voice changed when he talked about a girl
that he never met, but wanted to get to know,
and how she changed his life.
I listened
as her voice dropped when she explained
the circumstances that forced her to this place,
and tears filled her eyes.
I listened
as he told jokes to lighten my mood
even as he struggled with the anxiety of not knowing,
and the fear of change.


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