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Moving around

What with a surplus of weddings (Tajalli & Amir, Gavin & Kiyomi) and various other fun activities, I’ve neglected the poor blog. I’m so very sorry about that.

On Friday, I accompanied the illustrious Shannon and the fantastic Andrew to Evanston, where we helped Shannon’s father set up his business, which he moved from Wisconsin. It was incredibly fun, we unloaded an entire moving truck in a couple of hours, with a few other people assisting. I really couldn’t lift much, but I did get to help some. It is a beautiful storefront office, and I’m looking forward to the art that will be coming out of that place.

In these pictures, we were moving the VERY heavy equipment out of the truck. Mr. Reddy constructed that ramp himself, and the rope was a precaution against possible injury/loss of equipment. Fascinating to watch, haha.

(Click to make bigger!)


Summer is fantastic, it is wierd to think that this is the last summer before I graduate. heh. December is just around the corner…


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