This is what I see

ting man kan lett lage hjemme here There was a man on the bus
who talked on his cell phone to an unseen face
explaining how to cook pork chops
betty barclay frakker see (just salt, that is what I use. Or squeeze lemon!)
He talked about not having taken a vacation
in over two years.

chevron sweater adidas link The train conductor has a red beard and sunglasses
and a large silver earring.
As he collects tickets, he passes me several times.
He asks if I am writing him a letter, then says, kleines berghaus braunlage “I never get letters, just angry slurs.” veer d weeding hai song download So many of these suburbs have little historical sites.
hyldebærsuppe med tvebakker there “Well #2, drilled 1924”
Europe and China would laugh at our youth.
I have seen two buildings that look like
landlocked lighthouses. de echte cleopatra The municipal buildings and town halls
all manage to look like funeral homes.
(white columns, red brick, and black iron lightposts)

luftfuktighet i boliger capoeiristas move in the road I love my city…even the extended parts of it. blair and chuck wedding IM000573.JPG

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