Hold on

Hold onto the people you love.

Make sure they know that you love them. Be loud and vocal about it.

Give hugs frequently and without reserve.

Smile and laugh whenever you are given the opportunity.

Walk down the street with full confidence that you know where you are going, even if you feel very lost.

And most importantly, don’t underestimate the power of a good, hot cup of tea and some homemade food in an emergency situation. I cook to heal, and it really does work…at least for me!
I wanted to say to the girls in my house that I love you all very much. You’re beautiful people and I’m lucky to be in the same residence as you. Also to the guys down the street who take us all in stride and let us use their internet unreservedly. 😉

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  1. sholeh, i don’t know if it’s my internet connection or your blog, but this entry got posted like 5 times.

    “[taking] us all in stride” doesn’t begin to cover it. we love you all, and don’t want anything bad to happen to you ever. this is perhaps an unreasonable desire, but it’s there nonetheless. we want to protect you all the time, walk with you everywhere, make sure you get home safe, organize neighborhood watches to increase your general sense of security, etc. etc. and on and on. but we know that you’re all strong, and tough, and have the tools to deal with your surroundings. so we’re here for you all, and will offer complementary home-cooked meals, shoulders/ears/etc.


  2. tea 😀

    btw – this sounded like that sunscreen song … or whatever that was that that girl had written for her graduation which became a song on the radio.

  3. Lev: *hugs* thank you. eloquent and profound, as usual. And the posting was fixed, thanks to Shan. Oh, and the home-cooked meal thing goes both ways. 😉

    Sam: you just HAVE to make a smart comment, don’t you!? 😛 hehe

  4. Right on Sholeh! Thank you, thank you, is all I can say.
    Lev – you made me cry – you made me feel loved, safe, and cared for. I’m so glad we (everyone) have each other. Amazing.