Oh the things I’ve seen…

On the road and around town:

THE JOY BUS. “Come Join Us!”

Heartbreak Towing Truck (driven by a very large man with a very long gray beard)

A family playing baseball in a parking lot in the middle of Michigan


A freshman with orange hair with a matching orange shirt…that he seems to wear every day.

3 days until my birthday! Saturday night, y’all. I’ll be at Persian Conference. Party to be determined at a later date. There WILL be one.

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  1. ah hah! that’s right. i forgot how many birthday-sharing people there are in this town. mine’s friday. there’s at least one i know of on sunday. an ex’s is on monday. another friend on the 11th, the 13th (i think?) and on the 18th. happy birthday, Sholeh! have a great one. i’m tired already…

  2. The truck and the bus are definetly the amusing ones.
    What does one do on the joy bus? I think I’d be joyful just seeing it drive by…

  3. the joy bus seems like a pickup vehicle.

    ‘hey babe, you want a ride in the JOY bus’ accompanied by a wink

  4. My favorite one is the “Avoid Hell” one. I like how they’ve condensed the vast redemptive power of the love of God and the mystery and power of human choice into a fear-based advertisement for religion. Only in America. And probably in Canada too.

  5. Dan: just have to turn it into something, huh? hahaha so true though!

    Andrew: I know. I just shake my head when I pass it. 😛 The only reason to love and worship God is to AVOID HELL. whaaa?!