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I like coming downstairs in the morning and there is music coming out of Raina’s room, and there is a pot of water on to boil, and a couple of wonderful ladies sipping tea at the dining room table. It really feels like home now…I’ve lived alone too long in the dorms. Someone is always home with 5 women in the house, plus added friends, family, and random drop-ins.

This morning Jessica was reading out loud from some birthday book about our various personalities…the September 4th one (my bday) was right on. It was really funny…I usually don’t think those things have any merit but when all the girls are saying “oh yeah, that’s Sholeh EXACTLY!”…well, it does tell you something. I don’t what that something is, however.

Our house transmits sound quite well. Since it is about 100 years old, we have creaky wooden floors, squeaky doors, and random creepy noises. People talking in the kitchen can be heard in the opposite parts of the house. I think we’re learning to adjust our noise levels.


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  1. You guys…er…gals…are going to have so much fun in that place. I’ll have to come and visit and disrupt all of the wonderful home-iness. My place is starting to feel like home too. I’ve found that it sleeping in my living really helps me to realize that, hey, this is MY DOMAIN! I CAN DO AS I PLEASE, MOFO!

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