Senior year

appreciation eleve lycée here And I hit the ground running. 18 hours, 6 classes. I already have 6 chapters to read before Wednesday.

foot live national click I walked into my Philosophy 102 (Logic) class and discovered a couple of interesting facts. a) Neda is in my class, which is a dangerous and awesome thing. Much laughter will occur. b) Our professor is Australian. c) This will definitely be my hardest class.

symptom checker india click One of my Marketing Professors has very broken English. The other Marketing Professor tries to make jokes…and usually fails, but I laugh to make him feel better. 🙂 sara placement pune Also, I am currently looking for a job, because my Disability Services job doesn’t fit my schedule anymore. I’m hoping for a campus job just so I don’t have to travel all over the place.

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  1. briefbeschwerer aus glas “but I laugh to make him feel better.” esprit sport seyssuel estrablin Knowing what passes for jokes with you, I’d say you probably laugh cause you think they’re funny, but try to pass it off that you’re really just being nice. We know your game, Sholeh, and we’re not buying this for a minute

    cheap ways to decorate here *Shakes head in dissappointment*

  2. wagen schmidt hamburg watch haha y’all are so harsh.

    films moyen age but oh so right. livre bullet journal what would I do without such crazy friends? Oh yeah, I’d be BORING. GOD FORBID! 😀 vollkornbrot thermomix dinkel sonnenblumen PS: Andrew, not only is it Philosophy, its philosophy combined with…MATH. AAAGH! hahaha.