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Ok, so with 6 classes, one tends to get confused about which class one is in at any given time. I literally had to check my schedule halfway through one of them to find out the title of the course.

Excerpt from text: The simplest forms of inference discussed in the last section are all instances of the principle that you can use already established cases of logical consequence in informal proofs. eeek!

Gender & Society
Turns out one of my aquaintances is in the class, so we’re going to have fun being silly together. Also, its all about women in the labor market, which I’ve already studied in 3 other classes. Easy A, hopefully. Open book and note final!!

Organizational Analysis and Practice
Evening class…the teacher was my TA last semester, and he gets very excited about the subject. Actually kind of interesting.

Human Resource Management
Don’t know enough about it yet, but there is a large amount of homework.

Consumer Market Behavior
This is the professor with the corny jokes. 🙂 I like this one because we talk a lot about how consumers are manipulated.

Marketing Research
Boring. heh. Easy, I think.
Anyone going to GREENLAKE this weekend and wants to give me a ride from the city? I have class till noon. Just leave a comment, or tell me if you know of someone.


5 thoughts on “Classes

  1. oooh! i’m in a posting mood! don’t ask why. just go with the flow. it never hits me. i just got back from pasadena! it’s 12:30 AM! what am i thinking?! it’s outta control! crazy! who wants to plan a conference for me! oh right. nobody. i digress. ummm hit me up some time. cuz we should chat before greenlake. yeah buddy. peace.

  2. ahhh. I know the feelings!
    When I took 6 classes in the spring, I had the same problem. I kept my schedule with me for soooo long and even after I remembered the order and day of the classes, I had trouble remembering the room numbers.

  3. Will be traveling thru Chicago (stopping at the Temple) on way to Greenlake to sing with OHF choir… maybe see you at Greenlake!

  4. Sam: what exactly did you say? 😉

    Carmen: I’ll definitely call you. aaah! Thanks for commenting!

    Jamal: woot! see ya there!

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