A Calm Storm

The blog of Sholeh Samadani Munion


I’m driving to Louhelen tomorrow for the weekend, so I’ll be back on Sunday. I’ll have my cell, and I will check my email for sure. So really…nothing is changing. As usual, it is frighteningly easy to contact me.


Speaking of socialization, the annual Friends of the Persian Culture conference is in two weekends, and if you have a student ID registration is only $20. Over 2,000 expected to attend, so come on down on Labor Day Weekend. Need more details, email me and I’ll give ya the lowdown.

Speaking of conferences, Greenlake Baha’i Conference is next weekend. I’m giving a workshop Saturday morning with a couple of friends, so come on over and check it out. 😉

I rode my bike to the library today to check my email, and it felt quite good to do so. Also, may I just say that the house is wonderful, and it is already starting to feel like home. It was really quiet today because no one was around…and I have a feeling that will be a rare thing with 5 girls. wheee!


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