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KFC, Yoplait, etc

I’ve been eating a lot of chicken and yogurt recently. I wonder why.

In any case, the job is going well, I’m learning a lot although today was rough. 10 hours on my feet = pain. I’ll get used to it.

The link for the New Food of Life is here. 😉 Speaking of food and cooking, leave a comment with essential ingredients for any kitchen. I’d like to see what people think are essential. It can be a cooking implement such as a spatula or food processor, a spice, or something else. Talk amongst yourselves.

Chicago DOES have beaches. See?

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2 thoughts on “KFC, Yoplait, etc

  1. essential to have pepperoncini, lemon-pepper, cajun seasoning by McCormik, basil, montreal steak seasoning… and last but most certainly not least…. CILANTRO!!! Cilantro makes the world go round. Cilantro makes life livable. take some fresh cilantro, run it under cold water, shake it off and just hold it in the air in front of you… now BREEEEEATHE. feel that scent scurry across your mind, lighting off seses you never knew you had, connecting neural pathways, firing off the happy center of your brain. yes, that’s right. Cilantro makes the world go round.

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