summer reading, 2

So in addition to Anna Karenina, I have picked up The Rise of the Creative Class from the library, as well as a couple of fantasy books. I also hope to start on a Baha’i book soon, I just haven’t decided which one yet. Expect all 4 books to be done by the end of June, if not earlier. I love reading books all at once. wheee!

I start orientation for work in 7 hours, so I should go sleep now.

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  1. You really like that? Hm. For some reason I can’t stand to read more than one book at a time — I like to focus all my attention on one until finished.

  2. I currently have about half a dozen books going, so you’re not alone, heheh… one of my reading goals is to find the quote in the book on Dorothy Baker “From Copper to Gold” that states that a person who accepts the Manifestation of God for this day has blessed seven family generations before and after him/her.

    Hope you enjoy orientation, best wishes on your new job; sounds like an excellent resume-building experience…

  3. Mojan: yeah, I like it, because I get bored when I try to read just one book. hehe.

    Jamal: Thanks!

    Kev: you know I will! 😉