When one moves away to college, they pack up the majority of their belongings in boxes to store in the basement. Knicknacks, old books, stuffed animals, high school awards…

Like any other student, I did the same. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have slowly organized these boxes (which at some points have numbered at 10!). I am such a packrat. Now the numbers are dwindling (mostly because I take more stuff with me every time I move in & out).

Tonight I ventured to the basement to find my old journal/sketchbook. I bought it in high school when I started designing clothes and writing poems. I wanted to look at some of my old poetry and maybe even post it here. I did not find it…however, I found my box of Chinese & Japanese knicknacks and DECA awards & pins. My living room is decorated with an Asian theme, so I packed up those things to take. And after 3 years of DECA events and competitions, I have a lot of stuff.

More than finding mere decorating items, however, I found things that reminded me of high school, of my room, my friends, and my family. I found things that reminded me how much I enjoyed fantasy books, candles, and clutter. I even found all four of my old High School IDs.

Memory lane for me is segmented, disjointed. There are so many things to remember, and something different triggers those memories every time.

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  1. That’s funny that you said that….well for a couple reasons.

    I had to go back in my files and pull some stuff out from like last year’s taxes or whatever, and I have that filed with all of my school stuff…so I went over some of the stuff that I had and it really is a trip down memory lane. Just to see some of that stuff.

    Also, with the new house thing and all I’m starting to pack and get everything in boxes, and I’ve been going through all this old crap from school and other scrapbooks and stuff….and I found the first ever song I wrote like 8 or 9 years ago and it’s so funny to see some of that stuff.

    Actually reading over my journal from high school sometimes is really interesting….to see the things that were an issue back then. Some stuff NOW seems so insignificant, and then there’s other stuff which well…seems like it’s still an issue.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed going over your old stuff…..

  2. going over old stuff can be quite a trip- i have to be careful when i start not to get too pulled into it- it is good, being in a new city, i don’t have nearly as many boxes of things, but sometimes i’m still surprised how quickly it accumulates- agh!

    wow, i didn’t know you do sketches! 🙂

  3. sketches of ballgowns and stuff, mostly. I don’t really have that kind of artistic skill. Wish I did!