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New Cds

I just got The Tea Party’s cd Transmission from Amazon last week. This cd is…powerful. I’ve liked their music for a few years now but have been unable to buy their cds here in the USA…they are from Canada, and very popular there. You can listen to some samples at Amazon.

I also acquired the newest Live cd, Birds of Pray. Very good, doesn’t have as much electronic crazyness as the album before it (V). I now own all 6 Live cds! One of my favorite songs on this album is “The Sanctity of Dreams”.

Another recommendation is Ours. I have both of their cds (Distorted Lullabies and Precious), but have listened to the first one more. Personally I feel it shows the lead singer’s vocal range more accurately, and has catchy songs. Perhaps I just need time to get used to the new one. Click here for a good review. Their website seems to have disappeared.


3 thoughts on “New Cds

  1. I hafta say, The Tea Party CD was pretty good…the few tracks that I heard that night weren’t that bad. I kinda feel like there’s some Radiohead influence in there, but I could totally be wrong (and probably am…)

    I haven’t gotten Birds of Pray yet, but I find myself always going back to Throwing Copper. I think it is by far one of the best albums put out in the 90’s…I’d have to say that either that, or The Distance To Here is the best Live album.

    If you want some fun listening and are into Brit Rock, check out “The Coral”

    Enough from me 🙂

  2. Cool Stuff Sholeh,

    So much music, so little time! It can be quite frustrating!

    Of those three bands, i can only claim to have listened to Live- a great group- if i weren’t so obsessed with U2, or, God forbid, if U2 had never formed, i can see Live might be one of the bands to take their place in my library. currently i only have “Mental Jewelry”- a great album, but shows its age a bit at times- and not as innovative as their more recent work.

    Sam, we agree once again- 😉 “Throwing Copper” is an incredible album, “Lightning Crashes” is probably one of my all-time favorite songs; I considered getting “Birds of Pray’ this summer, but never did- I like the radio song off that one- is it called “Heaven”?

    I hear Ours referred to quite often, but have never have the chance to listen to them- and Tea Party sounds intriguing.

  3. Hey, Sho. So this has nothing to do with your CDs or music or anything melodious… Can you send ME the link with tips on how to change the look of my blog? 🙂

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