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And wedding season begins…

I have the blessing of many dear friends and am in my 20s. This equates invitations to 3-5 weddings per year, which is actually fun for me because I love this stuff. The insane wedding industry is not appealing, but the organizational tasks, the brainstorming and list-making are so interesting. I truly love helping my friends as they plan.

Ana put all of this together herself!

Then of course, are the crazy stories surrounding the weddings…the time that the florist forgot to make the bridal bouquet, guests getting lost, DJs forgetting the music (this happened at two weddings I’ve attended). I guess it was funnier to me because I was a mere guest.


I attended 2 weddings last month, 2 weekends in a row (Chicago and D.C.). I am excited for both couples starting their lives together, and seeing how they continue building their lives as a couple. The weddings are fun, but the marriage is the part that matters. Congratulations, dear ones!


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