I guess you take the good with the bad…

hoog bezoek veghel link A cockroach crawled up my jeans leg while I sat at a bus stop yesterday. I had to shake it out…it was about as long as my index finger and quite…wriggly. Not so much fun.

tikka masala chicken link Also, I had an entire conversation with the old man sitting next to me, even though he knew about 20 words in English and I know about 5 in Hebrew. He offered me a peach but I wasn’t hungry.

http://storespend.space/2018 epistolary literature definition Frisbee last night at the beach:

eng translate to hindi Last week’s frustration has been channeled into action, which is much more fun. I had quite the wonderful weekend, and while I am not home as much as I used to be, I have decided that it is a good thing to be busy, especially for someone like me.

ikke smile ikke le here I have been rather obsessed with a few artists recently. So check them out…

http://exercisegrass.space/2018 premier class hotels The Shins– Wincing the Night Away, 2007

http://soapseveral.com/2018 forsvunnede gruver norge Joshua Radin– We Were Here, 2006

http://openalong.space/2018/08 therapy4u kempten allgäu Bloc Party– A Weekend in the City, 2007

http://sunbesides.life/2018/08 auge aufbau schule Tom McRae – unreleased recordings

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  1. chalet bayerischer wald bodenmais visit Oh, man. Did the cockroach crawl UNDER your pants leg? If so, that’s horribly revolting.

    store silikone bryster there On the bright, sun-shiny side, frisbee on the beach looks way fun.