The heat of August

millionstel einer einheit view The heat has not been crippling this summer, and I work inside an office during the day, so I do not get the brunt of it. Maybe 15 years of Chicago winters went so far into my bones that I need 15 years of sun to get tired of it. 🙂 admiral extra games casino royal Bahji (where the Shrine of Baha’u’llah is located, about 45 minutes drive from Haifa) is only open in the evenings right now because they are doing major construction and landscaping, so I have spent a few evenings there in the last few weeks. It is really quite amazing to be there in the quiet dark, with only small pools of light from the opaque globes scattered around the gardens. russland blinde kuh Meet my new friend, from Bahji: wege gehen spuren hinterlassen

circulation périphérique nantes here One thing blends into another, each night is like the other, and each moment there is more strength in my words. I made promises to myself in each place, these are now binding and I am not playing games anymore.

bougie iseki kc350f check (there are games and then there are games, and I haven’t played either in a very long time)

generate dtmf tones online I hope I am not getting sick, the tiredness is in my head and my throat and I am not sure why midnight is a magic time, suddenly I must sleep. I know there is much more for me to say, about beach days and bridal showers for friends, dinners and birthdays and moments with every single person I meet. The stuffy Jasmine-filled heat of sanctuary, home is here and home left the moment I opened my eyes today.

pièces quad tgb I made promises. I say this out loud to hold myself to them, the prayers will not drift away in the wind and everything is tied down with the most beautiful pieces of string.

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  1. disparue episode 2 Promises. Yeah, I made those, too. Silly ones, that God laughed at and sent me the man of my dreams! Important ones, that I didn’t understand at the time, but later revealed themselves to be miracles. I made some promises that were whimsical, impersonal, impractical and visionary; while other promises were founded in discoveries of my soul, inspirations in the Holy Shrines and knowledge of my purpose in the world. Now, I have someone to help me fulfill those promises, and it’s my wish for you that you’ll encounter such helpmates every time you’re in need. If there is anyway I can help, let me know; I’ll do everything I can. I promise.