Performed this at the open mic on August 3rd… martin brygmann cd I used to write love songs. I would run the tips of my fingers over dry earth, my eyes over the trees passing by. Pulling out every word, using the mortality in my thoughts, idealized in eternity. verantwoordelijkheid projectleider oplevering I used large words to say everything, and no one heard because nowadays people don’t hear large words. Everything is cut into little pieces, the latest sound-bite of the newest fad, now on news stands!  (I haven’t looked at a supermarket checkout line in years).

cooper entronic controls see Five hundred thousand points for using the word zelf zuurdesembrood bakken click “dextrosinistral” in a sentence!  That is, by the way, a left handed person who is trained to use their right hand.  And your prize is…a dictionary? snow king jackson wy piste Admit it…at least once, you have opened the dictionary or encyclopedia intending to read all the way through.  Come on, admit it!  (looks around)  I guess that was just me

sommerhuse styrter i vesterhavet I always wondered why the popsicles I made in the summer never turned out like the ones from the grocery store.  I was convinced that I could find the perfect recipe, and I wouldn’t have to chew my way through a solid block of ice. film garden state Paper airplanes are the perfect pathways for love notes, if only they would fly in the right direction. 

radio noord uitzending gemist visit expression bébé cadum there I wish you would stop and ask for directions.

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  1. You’re not the only one, to be sure. As a young nerd growing up, I dreamed that I’d make it through our World Book Encyclopedia collection, only to fail miserably. Alas! The hopes and dreams of nerd-children…