It seemed obvious to me… ganons donnerfluch besiegen So apparently using your television as a babysitter/parental replacement is not actually a good idea! Shocking, I know, but it appears as though those popular “Baby Einstein” videos and other similar educational shows actually do more harm than good.  When I was working as an intern at Target in 2004, those videos were flying off the shelves. kobold messring gmbh werk ii sindelfingen “…the only thing that baby videos are doing is producing a generation of overstimulated kids.”  I can see the drug companies doing little dances in their chairs as they count the profits from Ritalin. vin brule recette Also, “The gene most closely linked to left-handedness has been found…”  In even better news, this gene “is also associated with a slight increase in developing certain mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.” quartier oudinot nancy I’m left handed.  🙂

singer contract sample And finally, I was born on the Mississippi River, just a few blocks from where the 35W bridge collapsed in Minnesota.

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