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The Sea House

I dreamed about a house on a cliff last night
it went on forever on the coast
the waves crashed around and under the foundation
it was in the mountains, abandoned
there were stories draped around the house
the corridors went on forever
doors closed in front of me, cheaply made
but apparently there were rooms
with chandeliers and french couches
enough space for every orphan in the world
to make a home of their own
and the outer walls writhed in time with the wind
sea grass hugged the stones and sand
as we stood beside the house in the mountains
next to the sea.


3 thoughts on “The Sea House

  1. “Sea Joy”

    When I go down by the sandy shore
    I can think of nothing I want more
    Than to live by the booming sea
    As the seagulls flutter round about me.

    I can run about when the tide is out
    With the wind and the sand and the sea all about
    And the seagulls are swirling and diving for fish
    Oh–to live by the sea is my only wish

    –Jacqueline Bouvier

  2. With this poem
    You set up shop in my mind
    Your easel wrought of words
    Brushstrokes of colorful metaphor
    And brought your painting to life

    Now the wind whistles through my hair
    The grass sways at my feet
    And I sink deeper into my big woolen sweater
    As we stand on the edge of that cliff
    In the mountains above the sea

  3. Loyal Reader, who are you? Email me if you wish.

    Thank you for the poem, George. 🙂

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