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Feeding babies…

Read this: Doctors challenge baby feeding myths

Some excerpts:

“There’s a bunch of mythology out there about this,” says Dr. David Bergman, a Stanford University pediatrics professor. “There’s not much evidence to support any particular way of doing things.”

As research increasingly suggests a child’s first experiences with food shape later eating habits, doctors say battling obesity and improving the American diet may mean debunking the myths and broadening babies’ palates.

Parents elsewhere in the world certainly take a more freewheeling approach, often starting babies on heartier, more flavorful fare — from meats in African countries to fish and radishes in Japan and artichokes and tomatoes in France.

The difference is cultural, not scientific, says Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ nutrition committee who says the American approach suffers from a Western bias that fails to reflect the nation’s ethnic diversity.

Interesting! I am not surprised by this, but it is good to find something like this on CNN.



6 thoughts on “Feeding babies…

  1. Very interesting. I wish I could have read something like this before Liyah was born.

    I suppose that I didn’t do too badly though, because she enjoys a variety of foods. Most American children her age, and older, hate ethnic foods such as Indian food, and vegetables such as spinach, okra, etc., but she loves them.

  2. Fascinating article. Definitely changed my thoughts on what to feed babies.

    My favorite line:

    “If it is really spicy, he cries, but still keeps eating it,” says Mondragon.

    HAHAHA Bring on the jalapenos!

  3. Or, you could use the method employed by most non-pediatrician doctors/fathers: foist the problem off on someone else!

    Or is that diaper changing…?

  4. OMG jalapenos. ROFL.
    hahahahahaha that article is so amazing. I love it to pieces. I am gonna go out and buy all the kids some aloo gobi. and donair.

  5. Let us take this to a musing level and say you started feeding babies purple people…

    Would they litteraly grow up to become purple people eaters?

    There is only one way to find out…

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