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I wanted to write…

but then I didn’t know what to say.

Starting with: No one really knows what I am thinking. Obvious, sure. But what I mean is that even if you think that you understand, I’m almost guaranteed to have left something out. I’m starting to confuse myself now, too. 😉

Also, I want to leave (this may or may not be related to the above paragraph). I want to go somewhere no one knows me. This may mean the middle of a jungle in South America or a desert in Africa. At this point, I really don’t care.

I have a midterm in 4 1/2 hours, and I am afraid to fall asleep, because I worry that I’ll not hear my alarm and miss the test.

Wish I was more coherent. Yay cryptic 5 am entries!


3 thoughts on “I wanted to write…

  1. Believe me, moving someone where no one knows you gets tiring. Its easier if you can knock out on of your friends and force them to come with you. Like in a dufflebag or something.

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