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I am so Persian….

I am eating pistachios and drinking doogh (yogurt soda).

yee-haw. (That was the southern part of me coming out.)


9 thoughts on “I am so Persian….

  1. ooh, I love pistachios. I’ve never had doogh, but it is similar to/same thing as lassi (Indian yogurt beverage)?

  2. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa I love it! Pesteh & doogh rocks my world!!! I ate pistachios last night hahaha with raisins yes I am fob too:)

  3. One time, at a month-long intensive Ruhi project, we had persian families sponsor us everyday, and so we ate persian rice and chicken everyday. By the end, I was sure I had been biologically changed to at least 25% persian.

    To test myself I placed the Arabic Hidden Words and the Persian Hidden Words next to eachother, and sure enough my hand strayed EAST.

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