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An Ode to my computer

(Sufjan Stevens style)

Oh Computer, you served me well
3 dorms, 6 moves, one house
4 years
We all knew this would come someday

Your hard drive fails, your lights grow dim
the painful noise draws us in
The suffering, the suffering…

The memories of papers writ
the hallowed halls of poetry
the pictures taken in memory
Oh Computer,
what have I done?

An E-Machine,
a keyboard true,
a hard drive fails,
screen dark now
this, the sad tale.

Oh Computer, you rescued me
from lonely nights of misery
I tried my best
I tried all day
to keep you alive
to have you stay.


5 thoughts on “An Ode to my computer

  1. So, like, once I came home after a looong day at the office, and what do I find? MY COMPUTER WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH ANOTHER USER!!!

    The moral?
    Spoiled computer + long time alone = BETRAYAL

  2. Robbie, that is truly sad. I think you should file for the big “d.”

    Sholeh, I laughed out loud. I’m sorry about your computer but I’m glad you can make light of it.

  3. Ahem…
    I never really know how to begin something like this, so I guess I’ll just start.
    Sholeh’s computer was *chuckles* a “character”, I think we’ll all agree. I remember the first time we met, the E-Machine and I. Really, it was just a brief hello, I wanted to check my mail, but Sholeh’s computer wasnt having it. I waited for five, ten minutes, and eventually just gave up. *smiles fondly in memory*
    The next day, however, when I really needed it, it came around. I had, absolutely HAD, to email a professor (my car got a flat, see, and I was stranded), and Sholeh’s computer let me get to it, no problem.
    That’s really what I remember most about our first meeting, and that characteristic, of always coming through when it coutned, that’s really what comes to mind when we all think of Sholeh’s computer. You could always count on it, if you really needed too.
    I didnt know it at the time, but even then, when we’d first met, Sholeh’s computer wasnt doing so well. Over the course of the next year, things just kept slip-sliding down hill, and everyone just kind of figured the end was near. Not Sholeh, though. She always believed, and for the most part, she was justified. That old bird DID make it another six months (10 people-years) more than I gave it, and it served her well to the end.
    How many emails did it look after? Hundreds? Thousands? How many poems did it transcribe? How many entries on this very blog did it facilitate? How many cranky days did it have, leaving Sholeh amusingly frazzled?
    Yes, that old E-Machine was a character. It was a fighter, and a scribe. Maybe most of all, it was a friend, not just to Sholeh, but to all of us, because after all, without it, we might never have gotten all the e-goodness that this beautiful, touchy, miracle of creation gave to us.
    So raise your beverage high! Here’s to Sholeh’s computer! May it forever dwell in our hearts, spyware, pop-up and virus free.

  4. ahahaha my friends are hilarious.

    Robbie: it will be ok!!

    Mr. Computer Eulogizer…I could tell that was from the heart. I’m touched, thank you.

    David: someday!! I’m not ready to give up yet.

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