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In a rhyme

I don’t normally like to rhyme so much, but this poem just wanted to be written, I had no control over it. 😉

I see one taking up the burden
and this one holding down the fort
one reaching out to the stragglers
and this one reaching out for more.
I see one singing out prayers
and this one singing out dreams
one peeling off layers
and this one apart at the seams.
I see one learning about beauty
and this one learning about art
one learning about science
and this one is just trying to start
I see one being neglected
and this one showing them devotion
one feels rejected
and this one can’t show emotion.
I see one laughing with joy
and this one supremely content
one is going in circles
and this one is barely present.
I’m not describing specific people
or even a specific event.
I’m describing the matchless beauty
that these youth represent.



5 thoughts on “In a rhyme

  1. niiiice one if i was a better musician i would compose music for this poem i liked it very much aafarin sholeh

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