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Assorted nonsense

The prairie is now a nice light brown, dried up, fall color. And home is always changing…the construction out there has nearly reached a feverish pitch.

“Why I love the suburbs”
Reason #1: Wide open spaces & plenty of parking.
Reason #2: To go shopping, one does not have to drive all over the city to go to 3 stores. They’re all on one long street with 500 stores.
Reason #3: People are much better drivers, although there is an overabundance of SUVs and minivans (hey, I drive a van, and its great. I’m just saying…)

I made stir fry chicken in one pot, and tumeric/lemon/garlic chicken in another. Simmer on the stove for 1 1/2 hours each. yum.

One of my roommates asked me why I didn’t go to culinary school instead of business school. My first response: “I really don’t know.” But then I thought about it…and honestly, I cook for fun, and I cook for people I love. I have trouble learning a “certain way” of cooking…I just get frustrated. Also, with a business degree, I can open my own restaurant if I want.


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