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Partially Eaten Food

Goya Flan is the best stuff in the world. You can buy it at the local grocery store for about a dollar, boil 4 cups of milk, and voila! You’ve got flan. I’m such a flan…I mean, fan….obviously.

(I ate that in about…5 minutes flat.)

I walked into the kitchen tonight and a large chicken said, “what up” from the counter. He was chillin by the stove. He said it was ok for me to take a picture, as long as he got 50% of the profits. He drives a hard bargain. The flan merely sniffed and rolled its eyes.



2 thoughts on “Partially Eaten Food

  1. Did you just make a flan/fan pun? Yes. Yes you did. Thank you for that. The chicken looks delightful, and very photogenic. You need to come and cook food at my house, methinks. Yes. Yes you do.


    PS: The note you sent was so incredibly warming that you’ve no idea as to its full impact. Thanks

  2. Awwww I’m so glad you got it. Turns out Neda is a reliable messenger. 🙂 I actually didn’t cook that chicken…Jessica did. But if you visit, you’ll reap the benefits of a house full of cooks and bakers.

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